Thread-Rolling Machine

We have 2 types of Thread-Rolling Machine:






Thread-Rolling Machine
Model no. 6R-65 8R-80
Main Motor 2.25KW, 4P, 3PH (3HP)
Voltage Assigned by client
Cooling Motor 0.1KW, 3PH (1/8HP)
Vibrator Feeder ∮550 + silent PU gelatin spraying ∮650 + silent PU gelatin spraying
Thread-Rolling Die 90x105x25 108x127x25
Size Range ∮5.5 ∮6.5
Screw Length 65 80
Production Speed 150~180~210 pcs/min 115~140~165 pcs/min
Machine Weight approx. 1220 KG approx. 1245 KG
Add-on equipment Metal Pieces Separating Machine


Add-on equipment: Metal Pieces Separating Machine
Model no.: EF45-600
Feeding Size: ∮6.5x105L
Rolling Wheel Size: ∮45x600L
Gear Motor: 60W 1:10
Machine Weight: approx. 32KG



We have a policy of continuous product improvement. We reserve the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.