Point Slotting Machine

We have the following Point Slotting Machine:






Model no. C150
Cutter Motor
0.37KW, 6P, 3PH (1/2HP)
Split Reducer Motor 0.37KW, 4P, 3PH ( 1/2HP 1:3 )
Inverter Cutter Motor 0.75KW (1HP)
Split 0.75KW (1HP)
Cutting fluid Motor 0.1KW, 3PH (1/8HP)
Auto-Action Controller PLC Controller
Vibrator Feeder ∮750 + silent PU gelatin spraying
Voltage Assigned by client
Cutter Size (Tungsten Steel) ∮75x64Tx(3.0t,2.5t,2.0t) hole∮25.4
(High Speed Steel)∮75x60Tx(3.0t,2.5t,2.0t) hole∮25.4
Short Screw (Tungsten Steel) ∮45x40Tx(3.0t,2.5t,2.0t) hole∮25.4
Short Screw (High Speed Steel)∮45x34Tx(3.0t,2.5t,2.0t) hole∮25.4
Self-tapping Screw ST 3.5 ~ ST 6.3 (TYPE:17 & 25)
Machine Screw M3 ~ M6 (TYPE:23)
Screw Length 15~150
Production Speed approx. 50~320 pcs/min
Machine Weight approx. 960 KG



We have a policy of continuous product improvement. We reserve the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.