Hollow Heading Machine

We have 4 types of Hollow Heading Machine:




Hollow Heading Machine
Model no. ST15-37-B ST15-50-B ST15-63-B ST15-76-B
Main Motor
2.25KW, 4P, 3PH (3HP)
1.5KW, 6P, 3PH (2HP)
Voltage Assigned by client
Oil Motor 0.33KW, 4P, 3PH (1/4HP+12A)
Main Die ∮34.5x47 ∮34.5x59 ∮34.5x72 ∮34.5x92
1st Punch Die ∮31x73
2nd Punch Die ∮31x73
Cut-off Die ∮19x35
Cut Knife 9x32x64
Wire Diameter ∮2.3~5.0
Screw Length 6mm~40mm 6mm~52mm 6mm~65mm 6mm~80mm
Production Speed 100 ~ 130 pcs/min 100 ~ 130 pcs/min 70 ~ 90 pcs/min 70 ~ 90 pcs/min
Machine Weight approx. 1900 KG
Add-on Equipments Sensor, Conveyor, Light stand


Add-on equipment:Sensor
Add-on equipment:Sensor + Conveyor
Add-on equipment:Sensor + Light stand
Add-on equipment:Sensor + Conveyor + Light stand



We have a policy of continuous product improvement. We reserve the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.