Screw & Washer Assembly Machine

We have 2 types of Screw & Washer Assembly Machine :






Screw & Washer Assembly Machine
Model no. WS5 WS5-S
Screw Type #8 ~ #14
Screw Length 1/2" (12mm) ~ 5" (125mm)
Washer Size PVC10, PVC11 PVC10, PVC11, D12, D14, D16, D19, (Optional:D22, D25)
Voltage 3∮ 220V / 3∮ 380V
Control DC24V PLC Programable Controller & Inverter
Motor 3PH 1/4HP
Screw Vibrator ∮750
Washer Vibrator ∮400 ∮500
Speed 80~600 pcs/min
Machine Weight approx. 1080 KG approx. 1140 KG
Add-on Equipment Screw & Washer Supply Stand


Add-on Equipment: Screw & Washer Supply Stand
Model no.: F-W-NS



We have a policy of continuous product improvement. We reserve the right to change design and specifications without prior notice.